Christmas angel FSL window ornament

Sue Heath from the USA has sent us photos of a free standing lace Christmas angel. She created the fine window ornament with our 10450 Freestanding lace angel Christmas window decoration. She has put her imagination and creativity to work and this has resulted in a beautiful Christmas window ornament.

Here is what Sue wrote us:
I am sending you a picture of the Christmas angel window decoration I did. I love this design and it is a pleasure to work with a design that is digitized so well. I did weave thin ribbon in the wings and added stones to the bottom of the skirt and brushed watered down glue on to certain parts of the angel and sprinkled very fine glitter on.I also added a bow and pearl drop .This looks so pretty on my sliding glass doors. Thanks for the great design. Sue

Christmas Angel window decoration

Freestanding Christmas angel window ornament

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