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Easter egg and bunny embroidery set

Easter egg and bunny embroidery set

The latest addition to our Easter embroidery collection is a set of 2 Easter designs. The set includes an Easter egg cutwork and a bunny border classic machine embroidery. Visit design page for more...

FS lace Easter ornaments with a loop

Easter ornaments in Battenberg lace

You may want to have a look at our latest set of Easter machine embroidery designs in Battenberg free standing lace. The set includes 5 designs. You can create 4 Easter ornaments – an...

3D easter chich free standing lace design

Easter chick 3D Battenberg lace embroidery

Today we added a cute small 3D Easter chick free standing lace design  to our collection of Easter embroidery designs. You can use the new design with 4 x 4 hoops. Read more

Easter egg free standing lace embroidery

Easter egg freestanding lace embroidery

Today we released a fine Easter egg free standing lace embroidery. The Easter egg comes in 2 versions. Fne is with a loop, so that you can hang the ornament. The other can be...

10656 Tulips free standing lace doily

Tulips free standing lace doily

We are happy to present our latest free standing lace machine embroidery design – a beautiful doily with tulips. Diameter of the finished doily would be approximately 26.5 cm (10.4 inches). The new tulip...

Hen machine embroidery design

Hen and rooster machine embroidery

A set of 2 machine embroidery designs – a hen and a rooster. The designs are in classic machine embroidery technique and can be used in various embroidery projects. Go to design page

Hearts and butterflies cutwork embroidery

Hearts and butterflies cutwork

This week we are offering a new set of 4 cutwork embroidery designs. The new designs are a combination of hearts and butterflies. Buy now  

Hearts cutwork lace ambroidery set

Hearts in cutwork lace

The latest addition to our machine embroidery collection is a set of 9 hearts in cutwork lace. All designs from the set will fit in 4 x 4 (100 x 100) hoops and can...

Rose cutwork and applique embroidery set

Rose machine embroidery set

We released a nice set of 3 Rose machine embroidery designs. The rose is available in 3 versions. You receive classic machine embroidery, applique and cutwork lace.    

Daisy cutwork machine embroidery

Daisy cutwork embroidery set

We have released a new set of 3 daisy cutwork lace embroidery designs. It is available in our Cutwork embroidery collection.