How to buy machine embroidery


Here is some information which will hopefully assist you should you have any questions concerning the procedures for buying machine embroidery at S-Embroidery.

This is a brief description of the steps to follow to order machine embroidery designs at our on line store:

A. Place your order at

1. Add embroidery designs to shopping cart by clicking “Add to cart” button. (Please make sure you have Javascript and cookies enabled in your browser).

Before adding a design to your cart you need to select the correct “Embroidery format” and “Size” (if applicable) for your embroidery machine. To do so, please choose format and size from the “Embroidery format” and “Size” fields.

If you need the design delivered in more than one format you can use the “Additional format” field  to choose a second format.

Order an additional embroidery format











When you are ready – click the “Add to cart” button. A pop-up window will open to inform you that the design was added to your shopping cart. It will give you the options to continue shopping, view cart contents or proceed to checkout.

Add embroidery designs to cart

Information pop-up window

After you add the design to the shopping cart, the “Add to cart” button will change to “In cart” to indicate that the design is already in your shopping cart.

Embroidery designs in cart
2. You can proceed directly to checkout or first view cart contents to verify that it contains the designs of your choice by using the cart area in the LEFT part of the screen.

View contents of shopping cart and proceed to checkout

Clicking on the arrow will open a quick view of the items in shopping cart. Please make sure you have selected the correct embroidery format and size. Please check that you have ordered only 1 copy of each design. Then you may proceed further by clicking any of the “Checkout” buttons or view cart in more detail by clicking the “View cart” link.

View contents of shopping cart and proceed to checkout
While on the cart screen you can view and modify (if needed) the contents of your shopping cart. To proceed to Checkout – click on any of the two “Checkout” buttons.

View contents of shopping cart and proceed to checkout

3. You will be taken to a screen where you can log in with your E-mail and password (if you have registered earlier). If you are a new customer or you do not want log in for some reason, please fill in your contact details in the required fields.
On the same screen you can create an account by checking the box “Create account for this Email”. If you do not want to register – just proceed with your order.
When you are done filling in your contact details click the “Submit button” to continue.

Submit order of embroidery designs

4. On the next screen you can select the payment method by choosing between Credit card or Paypal (pre-selected) and Gift certificate. If you have any special requests or would like to provide us with some information concerning your order, you may do so by using the “Customer notes” field.
When you are satisfied with your order, please confirm that you accept the Terms and conditions and that you consent to processing of your data.
Place a check mark in the two boxes and then click “Submit order” button at the bottom of the page.

Payment methods












If you choose PayPal, you will be directed to PayPal website to finalize payment transaction.

Credit card payments are processed by 2Checkout/Verifone payment processor. See instructions below

B. Finalize payment transaction at secure payment processing site

5. This takes you to the Secure online payment services provided by 2Checkout (2CO)

Go to secure server to complete

6. On the screen at the 2CO site you will see the your order details. Now is the time for a last check.

2CO first screen

Note: If you are located outside of the USA, the payment processing system may automatically set the order currency from USD to the respective local currency. You can change the order currency manually to any of the supported options by using the field to the right of the screen.
Change order currency

When you have verified your order details, you can proceed further to Shipping information.

7. The fields on the Shipping information section are pre-filled with the contact details you provided at our web site when initiating your order. In fact, you can skip this section because delivery of our designs will be made by E-mail.

The next section is “Billing information”. If your shipping and billing address are the same, leave the check mark in the “My billing information is the same as my shipping information” box. If they are different, please remove the check mark and enter your billing address.
Please make sure that the E-mail address listed in this section is valid. This is the E-mail address we shall use for all messages, related to your order and this is where we shall send the E-mail with the attached designs.
Billing information screen

8. Next is the “Payment method” section where you can choose your method of payment Available options are shown on the screen shot below.

Enter your credit card details in the appropriate fields. Please make sure you have filled in ALL fields correctly. Credit card number must be entered with no dashes or spaces – just the digits. Finish the transaction by clicking the “Submit payment” button.
Please note that on your credit card monthly statement you will see the name of

Change order currency

That will be all. After your payment is processed you will receive the designs you purchased by E-mail.
Subject to time difference, typical delivery times will range between few minutes and up to a few hours.

Please make sure that your mailbox has enough free space and that your provider does not impose any limitations on receiving ZIP archive files. It may help if you added our E-mail address to your white list.

If you did not receive our E-mail with the attached file(s), please first check your SPAM folder. If the E-mail is not there, please let us know


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