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Reindeer Christmas embroidery

New Reindeer FS lace Christmas embroidery

We have a new Reindeer free standing lace in our collection of Christmas embroidery designs. The size of the ready Reindeer window ornament will be approximately 7.4 x 9 inches (188 x 228 mm). The...

Snowman Christmas window decoration

Christmas free standing lace Snowman ornament

We have just released a fine Snowman free standing lace Christmas embroidery design. Use the new design to create a nice window ornament for your Christmas decoration. The size of the snowman ornament will be approximately 7.7...

Free standing lace flor4al doily

Floral free standing lace doily

A new fine addition to our free standing lace doily collection. This floral freestanding lace doily design will create a nice doily with a size of 13.4 x 9 inches (34 x 23 cm)....

3D easter chich free standing lace design

Easter chick 3D Battenberg lace embroidery

Today we added a cute small 3D Easter chick free standing lace design  to our collection of Easter embroidery designs. You can use the new design with 4 x 4 hoops. Read more

Easter egg free standing lace embroidery

Easter egg freestanding lace embroidery

Today we released a fine Easter egg free standing lace embroidery. The Easter egg comes in 2 versions. Fne is with a loop, so that you can hang the ornament. The other can be...

Free standing lace bookmarks

Bookmarks free standing lace set

The free standing lace bookmarks set includes 5 machine embroidery designs. With this set you will create fine bookmarks with floral decorations. То order click here      

Tutorial for free standing lace doily

Tulip free standing lace doily tutorial

In order to create the free standing lace doily you will need: Our free standing lace doily design: SKU 10656 Tulip free standing lace doily Water-soluble stabilizer suitable for free standing lace (we prefer...

Easter cross - free standing lace ornaments

Easter cross free standing lace ornaments

A set of 5 Easter cross free standing lace ornaments. Each of the lace crosses is delivered in 2 versions. One of them is with a loop for attaching a tassel, so you can...

10656 Tulips free standing lace doily

Tulips free standing lace doily

We are happy to present our latest free standing lace machine embroidery design – a beautiful doily with tulips. Diameter of the finished doily would be approximately 26.5 cm (10.4 inches). The new tulip...

Floral free standing lace table embroidery set

Free standing lace table embroidery set

The Free standing lace table cloth set includes 12  machine embroidery designs. With the table lace embroideries you will create beautiful table cloth and table runners with different shape and size. The set comes...