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Butterfly Freestanding Lace Doily

Butterfly freestanding lace doilyCreated by: Reen Wilcoxson, USA

Designs used: SKU 10431 Freestanding Lace Butterfly Doily Design








Reen Wilcoxson from the USA has sent us photos of a fine Butterfly Freestanding Lace Doily she made using our SKU 10431 Free Standing Lace Butterfly Doily Design .

She wrote us: "I recently purchased your Butterfly Doily design & have just finished making it. I love it! It's a gift for my Mother-in-law. I got her the cookie jar in the photo and think the doily goes very well with it. Thanks for the great design. I've attached 2 photos. ...
I love your new set of ornaments and will be purchasing them soon. Thanks again, your work is fabulous! Reen Wilcoxson "

Freestanding lace doily

Freestanding lace doily