Crochet lace tutorial

Pillow with crochet squares We are showing you one of the possible applications of our new crochet lace machine embroidery design.

See how you can use this design to decorate a pillow case.


The design featured in this tutorial is the SKU 10359 Free standing Crochet Lace Rose Square




In order to create this crochet freestanding lace embroidery decorated pillow case you will need:

  1. Our SKU 10359 Freestanding Lace Crochet Rose Square
  2. Water-soluble stabilizer suitable for stitching out freestanding lace  (we prefer Vilene DO 104)
  3. Suitable machine embroidery thread: We find that polyester thread is especially suitable for these designs. In order to have the stitched out embroidery look the same on both sides, we would recommend that you use the same upper thread and bobbin thread.
  4. Suitable pillow case .

Step-by-step instructions

Stitch out the crochet square1. Hoop the water-soluble stabilizer. Depending on the type of stabilizer you are using, you have to hoop from a minimum of 2 and up to 4 layers. Make sure it is hooped very tight and stays that way throughout the whole process of stitching out.

2. Stitch out the free standing lace design components.
In order to prepare the pillow case featured on our site, you will need to stitch the design 5 times. Carefully cut off the loose thread ends you get in the process of stitching (at the beginning or when changing thread).

Cut away the stabilizer





3. Cut away the excess stabilizer. Please make sure you do not damage the lace when cutting as close to it as possible.



4. Arrange the crochet squares face up on top of the pillow. You can attach the lace to the fabric with pins or with temporary manual stitches. We prefer to use the second method as it usually is better at holding the lace and fabric together.

Arrange the crochet squares











5. Stitch the freestanding lace to the fabric using machine zigzag stitch – we used a 2 mm stitch with a density of 0.5 mm.

Stitch the crochet squares to the fabric










When you are done stitching the freestanding lace and the fabric together:

6. Very carefully cut away the excess fabric from below the crochet squares. Please take it easy and make sure you do not cut the thread.

Cut away the fabric

When you are done cutting away the fabric – dip the pillow case in water until the stabilizer has been completely dissolved.

7. Let the pillow case dry and then iron it.

Congratulations! Your crochet freestanding lace decorated pillow case is ready.

Pillow with crochet squares

You will find more designs of this type in our Crochet freestanding lace machine embroidery collection

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